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Обращение Послов доброй воли Абхазиик к руководству ЮНЕСКО и к Послам доброй воли ООН.

В международный день архитектуры Послы доброй воли Абхазии призвали руководство ЮНЕСКО и Послов доброй воли ООН совместно решать проблему разрушения памятников историко-культурного наследия Абхазии:

Appeal of the Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia to the UNESCO governing bodies and United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors

We, the Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia — young public activists, scientists, cultural and art agents, business, diplomacy and patronage representatives in Abkhazia and Russia, have the honor to address the Goodwill Ambassadors of the United Nations with the following:

«Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia» is a charitable movement established on June 5, 2017 which aims to pass high values of humanity from one person to another, from one society to the other through implementing charity projects in health, education, culture and sport, and promotion Abkhazia as a modern democratic state in the international arena. The Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia in their activity are guided and adhered also to those universal principles laid down in the Charter of the United Nations.

Under conditions of Abkhazia’s international isolation from contacts with the international organizations, we have taken up the responsibility to act as mediators for bringing the acute problem of preserving historical and cultural heritage monuments located in Abkhazia to the international community. For these objects are of value not only for our country, but for all humankind. It is concerned hundreds of architectural monuments which are in need of restoration experts’ emergency assistance. We do not claim political rewards, but we want to preserve what our ancestors managed to convey to us through centuries.

Many historical and cultural heritage objects of the Republic of Abkhazia were damaged and destroyed as a result of the bloody war began by the troops of Georgia State Council against the people of Abkhazia on August 14, 1992. And furthermore, due to the lack of universal international recognition of Abkhazia’s sovereignty, the political barriers do not allow to involve the relevant international structures, including UNESCO to carry out urgent works on restoration.

On the basis of above-mentioned, we ask you — honored UN Goodwill Ambassadors to treat with due consideration the urgent need for Goodwill Ambassadors institute participation in attracting cultural heritage experts to preserve monuments on the territory of Abkhazia which are the universal historical heritage of mankind.

We hope for your impartiality and authority, and believe that with your support we will be able to pass on to the future generations what is left invisible for the international community of the certain states’ hostile political stance towards Abkhazia. In this regard, we invite the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors as well as other stakeholders to visit the Republic of Abkhazia at any convenience to familiarize personally with the above-mentioned issue.

Kind Regards,
Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia:
Valeriya Adleyba
Ilona Ardzinba
Egor Beroev
Edgar Gvazava
Kseniya Sukhinova
Kamma Gopiya
Kan Taniya
Teimuraz Taniya
Tengiz Tarba
Denis Tsargush